Sunday, April 02, 2006

You Yin'd When You Should Have Yang'd

ResultsManager trainer Kyle McFarlin made some good points that blend philosophy with practical applications in his comments to my 3.28.06 post "Project Management: Best Practices With ResultsManager."

If you missed it, read his comments here.

Two of the things he highly recommends, I admit, I did not do. Because of the way I jumped in the middle of ResultsManager to test it out (and risking public failure), I didn't:

1. Build my personal folder and map infrastructure with the same care I devoted to my pro projects.

2. Though I did link my Personal Projects to my Map Central, I have yet to prioritize as ruthlessly as I do with Professional Projects.

But then, my challenge isn't one of prioritization. It's just that projects that pay the bills get first dibs on my time. Those have the highest priority. Anything after that is available for personal projects.

And because I often have a full dance card of clients -- there's often not a lot else left over.

Do any of you suffer from the same affliction? Do you focus on your professional life (as far as scheduling and project management goes) to the exclusion of much else?

Do you agree or disagree with Kyle when he claims that "truly unique professional projects" grow when the physical, emotional and social aspects of your life are proportional to each other?
Personally, I'm concerned that he may be right, and that I find troubling.

What say you, readers?

Btw, for more thoughtful writings about business and life and how to practically apply them, visit Kyle's blog at The Overlying Blog.

For companies and individuals, Kyle trains new and advanced ResultsManager users in the finer points of ResultsManager mastery. Click the link to discover more about Gyronix's different training modules.

I'm hoping Kyle will take me up on my offer and do a guest post or two because I admire his balance of the philosophical and the practical in his approach to business and life. To say nothing of his matchless knowledge about ResultsManager.


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