Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Coolness Of The Week

And then ResultsManager cranks it up a notch, into a definitive "but wait, there's more!" moment.

Not only can you send changes back to their original maps (for meore detail see yesteday's post), you can add project, sub-projects and action items directly into the dashboard and send those changes back to their originating maps.

That's cool. This is even cooler: let's say you added a project into the dashboard you're working off of. When you click Send Dashboard Changes -- ResultsManager adds it to the appropriate map.

But what if it's not already attached to a map? No problem. The app politely asks which map to attach it to, or if you want to create new map altogether.

You gotta love British reserve and ingenuity. It's kept us loving the James Bond flicks for over 40 years.

Can you give me 'nother Pretty. Damn. Sweet?

"Hoo-rah, Pretty. Damn. Sweet., sir!"

Ahem ... at ease, soldier.

I've just officially moved from liking ResultsManager to loving it. And it's okay to love ResultsManager as long as you don't love ResultsManager.

Nudge. Wink. Send.


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