Thursday, March 23, 2006

Third Trip To The Altar ... Part 3

So what happened the other two times I trialed ResultsManager?

I'll share the blame with Gyronix. I'm sure they give a time limit of 28 days for very good reasons. After all, I wouldn't think a 90 day trial would be reasonable by any stretch of imagination.

However, for busy professionals, I don't think 28 days is enough time to thoroughly vet the software before tossing whatever your old system was for the promises of their new and unproven ('til you use it) system.

And that's what we're really talking about here -- a sane, transitioning process from the old, inefficient system to the new, unknown, unproven one. Easy enough if you're a student in school or you're using ResultsManager as a life balance tool. If it drops a task and you're unprepared for a test or forget to turn in your homework, no big deal. You can make them up.

But when your companies are dependent on keeping all the plates spinning in this little sideshow -- forgetting about that one in the back can cost you a client and big bucks.

So that's where I hold them partially responsible. I'm also to blame because I wasn't able to devote sufficient time out of my schedule to test out their "Dynamic Planning System" and give it a fair shake.

Days and weeks would go by in between times when I could afford to spike down into it.

Now, in all fairness, in each of the other two times when I contacted them, the folks at Gyronix were quite understanding and allowed me to extend my trial once by an additional 15 days and another by 45 days.

I imagine the 45 day extension (73 days altogether) would have been enough time if it hadn't come at a time when one of my companies just took off and for several months I was working so much that I barely slept and my girlfriend claimed she hardly saw me anymore.

So I was caught betwixt & b'tween.

Not wanting (or willing) to get go of the old uncomfortable ways, but not fully trusting the ResultsManager software. Thousands of dollars were on the line. My livelihood hung in the balance.

What the hell was I thinking?


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