Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Third Trip To The Altar ... Part 2

Right now I'm using MindManager as my operational platform for tracking and managing the myriad projects I have going on in my life. I've just added the trial of ResultsManager to avoid yet another uber-map collapse.

See, I've been using MindManager to keep track of all the projects and their action items. I'm a professional copywriter (as opposed to the starving kind), which is just one of my companies. And I've been using the "uber-map" approach in conjunction with Microsoft's OneNote to store content and link to those "sections" in my OneNote "notebook" via my maps.

Prior to running the trial of ResultsManager, I had been using the clumsy task tracking tools MindManager already has and then filtered according to selected criteria.

That's been time-consuming and clumsy and I've hated every moment doing it. And to further ensure I didn’t drop anything important, I was using MindManager's Topic Alerts sync'd with my Outlook calendar to manage my uber-maps. Ugh.

Awkward, frustrating and inefficient as hell. If you're thinking my Tower of Babel was threatening to go the way of London Bridge -- you've got the right picture and I was constantly stressed because of it.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I want to pull back the curtain and show you that however frustrating your current project tracking system is, it's probably just as inefficient as mine. At least we share one thing in common, we're managing our workflows the hard way.

Plus, I wished someone out there had done something like this when I was kicking the tires on ResultsManager. I've got no problem with the price tag. It's the cost in dropped action items and delayed projects I'm worried about.

But remember, this is my third time giving ResultsManager a shot. What happened the other times? Why in the world would Gyronix give me three shots at their product? And why did I keep coming back to ResultsManager? Wasn't there other software out there that could do the job?

The answers will surprise you.


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