Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Third Trip To The Altar ...

... with the ResultsManager software. Once again I'm attempting to tame the controlled chaos of my projectmanagement system and learn the "Gyronix Dynamic Planning System" without dropping any projects and hopefully,without costing me any money.

I'm gonna be really PO'd if adopting their "system" costs me a project or client.

It had better be worth it because this is my last flirtation with it. Either it proves itself or I'm gone forgood. And I'm really putting my ass on the line, because in one of those moments of questionable intelligencethat "seemed like a good idea at the time," I had the brilliant idea of doing this on the public stage.

The idea was that if I put my butt on the line, I would be forced to follow-through in a timely manner (28 days,remember?) because otherwise, the public humiliation would be too great.

Whether ResultsManager proved to bebetter marketing than product, or I proved to be dense beyond words -- or a combination of all the above--everyone is going to know about it.

Colleagues. Adversaries. Prospects. Clients.

So as you can see, I literally cannot afford to do this half-assed.

Like I said, seemed like a good idea at the time. I suspect I'm not the first to utter those famous last words.

Next up, I'll tell you a bit about how I was doing project management pre-ResultsManager. One request, though. .. no laughing, okay?


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