Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Rise And Fall Of The Uber-Maps

It's been pointed out to me that not everyone knows what an "uber-map" is.

An uber-map is a creation of extreme desperation. Using MindManager as your mapping platform, you decide that you're going to keep all the tasks you must track all in front of you . . . and all in one map.

Looks good in the showroom, runs badly on the street.

Uber-maps are a good idea when the projects and tasks you're managing are very small. And that's when you fool yourself into thinking they're working, while the maps and projects remain small and few.

Before long, you can't even track information on it. The map has become so crammed with , projects, to-do items and appointments and number one priorities, that choosing the next critical task is like trying to spot someone frantically waving at you from a writhing mosh pit.

Can’t be done.

But what most of us have discovered is that in a very short period of time, it becomes unwieldy and out-of-control and you're back to square one with the original problem -- how to keep what you need to monitor in front of you at all times?

Sleekly and elegantly?

And dare I ask -- automatedly?


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