Friday, March 24, 2006

Third Trip To The Altar ... The Conclusion

So each time after the trial period expired, I resumed my project management using MindManager's filtering system and topic alerts in conjunction with Outlook. But I couldn't stop that nagging feeling in the back of mind that I'd missed the boat in a very critical way.

Meanwhile, I flirted with other project/time management systems: Tony Robbins' RPM system, Franklin-Covey, the Mission Control system, even gave Microsoft Project a whirl. They all blur together in retrospect.

I was desperate for an automated, systematized way of tracking and managing multiple projects using MindManager as the platform.

But all of them failed at this critical point: they weren't software solutions. They weren't automated solutions. They were paper-based. So it was back to the old pastiche -- uber-maps, filtering, topic alerts and Outlook.

But . . . but . . . that ResultsManager thing, the little voice would nag at me.

It was automated.

It was a software solution that was scalable for professional and personal uses.

It was never a bastardized port from paper to software. It was designed to take full advantage of a mind map and turn it from a visual representation of information, to an actual productivity tool.

Why in the hell couldn't I make it work?

So here I am . . . again. Once more succumbing to the voice in my head. Comforting, eh?

Well ResultsManager has 28 days to prove itself. If it works even half as good as advertised, then I'm sold. If not . . . back to another iteration of the uber-map system.

So . . . here we go -- once more into the breech, dear friends. It's downloaded, installed and I've run some tentative tests.

Did it blow up? Did it do what it claims to do? Does the hype match the results? Is it "all that and a box of chocolates?"


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