Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"I'm Ready For My Weekly Review, Mr. Allen!" or . . .

"How I Found The Coolness Of The Week"


I found the heart and soul of ResultsManager. This is the height of automating tedious, repetitious tasks, so I can spend more time taking action and less time moving data bits around.

Now keep in mind, this is just my opinion. Whether it actually is the heart and soul of the app or not, this does not represent Gyronix's position.

Just mine.

And it doesn't mean when I find more really great features about ResultsManager, that I won't be crowing about them being the new heart and soul.

But for now, it's this beauty: any changes you make in a generated dashboard will be sent back to those tasks in their original maps. You can change the dates, change the wording, change the icons -- anything at all.

Pretty. Damn. Sweet.

Now, I already knew that by changing the completion level of the dashboard's task icons, ResultsManager sent those changes back to their originating maps.

And let's face it, it's tedious to uncover a bunch of overdue items after a dashboard sweep-up.

I would click on the overdue item's link, which opened up the original map and then make the changes to the project information there. After I traced all the links back to their original maps, and made the changes, I re-ran the dashboard.

So each time I ran a weekly review dashboard, it was taking me 30 to 45 minutes to process those overdue items.

With me so far?

Like I said at the top, it occurred to me that I might be able to change the Task Info dates in the dashboard and then once I was done, click on the Send Dashboard Changes command and send all the changes back to all the individual maps en mass with a single click of a button.

And if I could do that, then I could probably save myself a lot of time, right?

Because being able to modify the task information **within** the dashboard and sending the changes out to all the originating maps is hugely time-saving. And I'm happy to say it works exactly like that.

I think I'm liking this software a lot! Alas, I can feel my skeptical resolve waning.

Btw, since I brought it up earlier, for those of you who are ResultsManager users, what do you think the heart and soul of the app is?

And the folks at Gyronix, what do you think is the heart and soul of your product?

P.S. - I just discovered something about the above that takes automation to a whole new level. It's too late to blog about it tonight, so I'll make sure and post it tomorrow.


Blogger Nick said...


For me, he "heart and soul" of ResultsManager is its ability to tailor the dashboards to suit your personal working style. The dashboard maps are really where the rubber meets the road in the productivity cycle, because they are the point at which procrastination has nowhere left to hide, and actions get taken or prioritisation decisions are made.

Dashboards "sell" you the idea of taking action. Any good salesperson would make an effort to find out what your hot buttons are - whether you run away from danger, or towards success; whether you prefer to make choices, or have them made for you. ResultsManager dashboards can be tailored any way you like. I have not seen another action management system that handles these ergonomics. We have grown accustomed to working with interfaces that suit the technology, not the user. We wanted to take this to a different level with ResultsManager.

Best regards

3/30/2006 11:34:00 PM  

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