Saturday, April 01, 2006

Gyronix Tells Me My Priorities Are Out Of Whack

Nick Duffill makes many good points in his comments to my 3.28.06 post "Project Management: Best Practices With ResultsManager."

If you missed it, here are his comments.

He's right about me being so focused on gaining control of my uber-maps that I've been using ResultsManager's dashboards to focus on only half of what I should be doing. Though I wasn't cognizant of that at the time, the results bear out the accuracy of his statements.

And while I was mulling over his observations, I recalled something Werner Erhard used to say, "Being half-assed is bad no matter which cheek you have left."

Many of the difficulties I've faced integrating ResultsManager have been because my dashboards do not realistically reflect my capacity, not realistically anyway.

Up to this point, they reflect my ideal of what I can get done, and consequently each week I've been changing the completion dates over and over again.

ResultsManager is the Terminator of accountability. It really does keep your incompletions in your face until you handle them. Since starting ResultsManager, I've been faced with this each week as the old week transitions to the new.

For example, as I write this, I'm getting ready for another weekly review and planning the next week's projects and action items. And this time I'm going to have to face (again) all the important personal projects I didn't complete.

As usual, this past week I did great on the professional projects. So using Nick's observations as a litmus, I'd have to admit that I do not regard personal projects with the same weight I use for professional ones.

A harsh, harsh truth that bears further reflection.

Btw, Nick -- what is "Pandoro's Box?" initially I thought it was a typo, but when I did a quick search on it, I found vague references to it being used to sort chaos. How is this map different from a someday/maybe, other than its potential to come back and bite you?

Do you set it up so you are prompted to review the Pandoro's Box map on a regular basis?


Blogger Kyle said...


Absolutely take the Personal Projects as seriously as the Professional Projects. If they aren't moving ahead with GE-like efficiency, they will bog down your professional initiatives.
I'm sure we can all look to days when our professional results suffered because our mind was constantly reverting back to a personal issue (or maybe I'm the only one ;).

In a previous post you asked what the heart and soul of ResultsManager is? If Dashboard customization is the heart, than the ability to drive initiatives forward in both the personal and professional realms may be the soul.

4/02/2006 10:06:00 PM  

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