Friday, March 31, 2006

How RM Has Changed The Way I Work . . . So Far

Prior to ResultsManager, I used to leave key maps open when I shutdown MindManager for the night.


Because when I fired the app up the next morning, those maps served as a "tickler" to remind me that there was something important in those maps that I still needed to complete. When I saw the map open, that was a visual reminder of what needed to be done next.

That, along with the combo of MindManager's Topic Alerts and Outlook Reminders usually kept me from dropping anything important.

Now, after nearly two weeks with ResultsManager, I've quit doing that.

ResultsManager (so far) has given me the peace of mind and has proven itself over and over that it's going to sweep up and catch action items, sub-projects and projects that may have escaped the attention of my distracted mind.

Now, I only leave 2 maps open -- my Map Central, the universe of my life, and the most recent dashboard.

And just recently I even started not opening Map Central every day. Everything I need to focus upon is in that dashboard, so why bother?

P.S. - 3 more uber-maps have bit the dust!


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