Thursday, April 06, 2006

What Cost Success? Or . . .

Seeing The World As A "Flashing Blue Light Special"

Well, since my last post on the subject, I've been thinking more about the cost of manually doing tasks that you could automate.

But then, isn't the larger question: How much your time are you spending manually doing tasks that you could be getting paid for? As a freelancer, I know what an hour of my time is worth.

Even the savings of an hour here and there (and ResultsManager has been saving me quite a bit more than that), that one hour is significant because the software automates the tasks that would take me an hour or more to do by hand each day or each week. For me, that would more than pay for itself.

Every colleague, every client, every prospect that sees ResultsManager at work wants it. And it is a complex product, at first. Maybe it's the context I give it, because it's rare that I don't show them a bit about how I've been using it. Yet, every once and awhile, some poverty-minded person will sputter about the price and I tell them pretty much what I've told you.

I mean, frankly -- I don't care whether they buy it or not. Their decision one way or the other has no bearing on my wallet. I'm don't get a free toaster or money if someone buys it. I'm just doing my part making the business world a better place by showing them a productivity tool that automates the tediousness of project tracking and management. That's all.

I send them to the Gyronix site and let them make up their own mind. Because I really think if you use mind mapping, and are managing people, multiple projects or combination of all the above -- it's pretty easy to see how ResultsManager can have an impact on your bottom line.

So when I look out over the course of a week, it's plain to see how much ResultsManager has been saving me. And I can tell you that, barring some majorly hideous failing on its part -- I'll be buying a copy at the end of this trial period.

And yes, even though I've done this blog -- at the end of 28 days I will still have to buy a copy just like everyone else.

So realistically, the question of whether to get ResultsManager or not is not really a matter of cost. It's a matter of in how many ways can you be making money with the time you spent doing tedious task that could be automated?

That's the crux of the real issue for me. What about you? Agree? Disagree? Something else altogether? Tell me where you stand on the issue.


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