Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Moving Tribute

And no, neither Barbra Streisand nor Bono will be singing. Nor will Clooney be stepping in to take credit for its success.

Instead, the love of my life and I are happily ensconced in our new home after years of apartment dwelling. Got a fair bit of land, a huge house, privacy and the nearest neighbor is a couple of hundred feet away.

No more sharing walls on either side with people who, when it came to consideration for others, were apparently educated with a banana and an inner-tube. That, and apparently deafened by years of living inside a steel drum with tone-deaf apes pounding on the outside with sticks.

Gone. Gone. Gone.

But I digress.

If you've bought a home, then you know there are many, many steps involved -- a lot of moving parts and they all have to happen in a particular sequence. Otherwise, the delays can set the process back days or even weeks.

In my pre-ResultsManager moving map, I divided the project up into 3 phases: Prep, Move, Post.

I started using ResultsManager about three-quarters of the way through the Prep phase, and once I entered we were able to polish off all the permits, title checking, home inspection balls of knotted yarn that seemed to go on forever.

Done. In correct sequence. On time.

The move went pretty flawlessly and more importantly, virtually stress free. Why? Because it was planned and executed with the precision of a military campaign.

And that I directly attribute to ResultsManager.

Yes, even with my feeble grasp of the software, and you all know this to be true, because my ineptitude and successes have been put out here for all the world to see. You've also read the good-natured corrections that the folks at Gyronix have made to the things I said and did.

Yep, even with all that, I sure as hell felt like Patton herding his cats through to victory . . . or something like that.

And that's always Good Thing.

And now we're halfway through the mop-up, Post phase.

And there's been but one major glitch, and as it often is with ResultsManager -- it was human error.

Because I was working so much, I didn't take adequate time to label my office boxes with plain English that would be understandable days later. But that's always been my problem -- mind like a steel trap, memory like a sieve.

So you can be sure I planned for it next time. Since I know we'll be moving at some point in the future, I saved the map as a template, deleted or made generic the things specific to this move -- and this time I made sure to include an action item/reminder to correctly label my boxes.


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