Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The True Cost Of ResultsManager or . . .

Managing Ignorance

It usually starts out something like this:

"Woo-weee! $285 bucks? That's a helluva lot of money for an ADD-ON! Hell, that's three quarters of the price of the software it's added on to (MindManager)!"

They finish that last part with a flourish reserved for an easy victory spike in a lopsided game of volleyball.

It's the reaction I've occasionally seen when people are exposed to ResultsManager for the first time. Not coincidently, these are the same people who are so busy bending over to pick up pennies, they miss the $20 bill on the windowsill.

But they've missed the point and it's that kind of mentality that's probably responsible for their penny obsession in the first place.

Consider this, maybe those folks are focusing on entirely the wrong thing. And I think I know why. Because they don't know what their time is worth. They've never sat down and calculated the time it takes to do things by hand vs. automating those same repetitive tasks.

I think that's why ResultsManager is such a big hit in corporate environments, because they're used to doing a cost-benefits analysis. Because they commonly have to justify department purchases using that very process.

So it's easy for them to calculate how much time it takes to manually track and manage projects and how much time, effort and money is saved by automating it.

Before ResultsManager, I was doing project tracking by using MindManager's task icons and filters. Later on, in X6 I used the Topic Reminders + Outlook's Tasks and Appointment reminders.

It's better than nothing, right?

But it was time consuming. To say nothing of boring and frustrating . . . and cumbersome. And as human tendencies tend to go, I quit diligently using it.

But back to how much ResultsManager costs. I'd say this: you're not paying for the add-on, you're paying for the results it'll help you produce. And that you can't put a price tag on.

To get the straight shot-between-the-eyes truth about time management, I recommend all of you read Dan Kennedy's book "No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs."

Kennedy has been my direct marketing mentor for years and even if it don't initially agree, I take action anyway because more often than not, he's right and I just had an ignorant opinion. And what are opinions, after all if not ideas about something without the experience to back it up.

Psst . . .even if you work for someone else, you still need this book because employees need to THINK and ACT like entrepreneurs. In fact, it wouldn't hurt anyone to get all the titles in the "No B.S." series.


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