Monday, April 10, 2006

This About That

The positive comments on this blog have been going along pretty well. That is, until I started talking about price and ResultsManager. For whatever reason, the subject inflamed the good nature of some people and incited them to such a degree, they suddenly lost the ability to civilly express their opinions.

Oh goody. Sometimes it's fun to watch people spit and sputter and work themselves into a nuclear lather over their own opinions and misperceptions.

Strange, but fascinating. Freeway car wreck kind of fascinating.

But what the vocal minority needs to keep in mind is that I'm not writing this just for you. There are many readers who are dealing with issues you don’t care about . . . and vice versa.

And for some, the issue of price versus value is an interesting and valid subject.

So please keep in mind that if you don’t find it interesting, it may be helping others (that you're unaware of) resolve an issue that's been twisting their tails for some time.

This blog is my personal experiences with ResultsManager and I'm doing it on my own time.

Gyronix doesn't get to tell me what to write, and frankly neither does anyone else. As such, from my personal experiences, the issue of price and perception of value does come up. Maybe that reflects your personal experience and interest, maybe it doesn't.

As usual, money issues strike a variety of responses in people. For the record, I never said nor implied anything about stupid sacrifices like 'eating only ramen noodles for six months,' nor anything about "brownbagging" -- nothing about 'doing without.'

Frankly, if you need to engage in those processes, then you need to meet Life's Basic Needs first before investing in a piece of software . . . or anything else for that matter.

Okay, enough with the housecleaning. I only have a couple weeks left and I do not intend to spend it engaging in pitched electronic battles with MasterDebaters who haven't even bothered to read the blog before commenting.

If you want to comment, then please do so constructively and civilly (Bob P's is a good example. He misrepresented my point, but he did so intelligently and civilly).

Btw, a colleague of mine (we're both in Dan Kennedy's Inner Circle) noted that Dan gets the same kind of push-back whenever he brings up the price vs. value issues.

And it doesn’t matter the industry or the context. Seems there are a few that always (choose to) come unhinged when the subject is broached.

Interesting. "Verrrrry interesting."

In this case it was the ResultsManager software, but it could have just as easily been Tele-Tubbies and it would have provoked the same response if I had said it to toy fanatics.

Thanks for the timely reminder, Bill.

Next up, I think I finally got ResultsManager to drop something. A whole lot of somethings. Gotta double-check a bit before ripping them a new one. Stay tuned, this could get ugly.


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