Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm from Missouri, So Show Me

I wanted to be the one that busted ResultsManager.

Part of me did, anyway. The part of me that remains the skeptical software tester. More about that in a minute, but for now I want to say that I think I'm done with the extra testing and safeguards, all the double and triple-checking up on ResultsManager to make sure it's not dropping stuff behind my back.

Yet, I felt an obligation to do all that, since I'm putting not one, but two professional reps on the line with this public learning experience or humiliation (depending on how it turns out).

"Measure twice, cut once," Grandpa used to wisely counsel.

I'm comfortable enough now (though still cautious) that I'm going to quit running repeated test dashboards to make sure it sweeps up and accounts for everything each time. So far, it hasn't failed once to sweep up something that it should have -- and I put it to some rigorous tests.

Might sound a bit OCD to you, but not only has it saved me a lot of unnecessary grief in life, plus I was able to parlay it into an occupation later on. And that compulsiveness has served me well when I became a test lead and QA lead for a software/hardware testing lab.

I've busted the software and hardware of the biggies -- Microsoft, HP, Compaq, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and a host of smaller software companies that teetered on the brink of obscurity.

I've literally made project managers for Microsoft and HP weep. Not cry. Not sob. Weep.

So yeah, thus far, ResultsManager is everything it claims to be, plus a touch more.

Nice. Very nice. For them anyway. From an ego gratification point-of-view, I was sorta hoping for at least one angry rant and/or crying jab from a Gyronix team member because I found a "showstopper" bug.

On the bright side, I've got a couple of weeks left.


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