Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thumb's Up/Thumb's Down - Which Is It? Survey Says . . .

As many of you have guessed, I give ResultsManager a hearty and well-deserved Thumb's Up.

Big surprise, right?

I really did my best to be the skeptical Grand Inquisitor, I really did. But as it keep over-delivering during the last 30 days on its very understated promises -- it became more and more difficult to maintain the mien of indifference.

And by the time it got to the point of actually making me money (missed the "cheddar" post? Catch it here).

So I'll just say to again -- not for the first time and whether it's in this venue or another, certainly not the last time I'll be saying it:

"I love this product."

And even though I've already purchased ResultsManager (had to -- it was Day 28!), I've got a few things to say about my experiences.

But you probably already figured that, eh?

So what's different after 28+ days?

My business psychology has altered dramatically. Now, I'm less driven by urgency, more efficient and more often than not, I'm out ahead of projects as opposed to behind them or even abreast with them.

So if you follow the philosophies of David Allen, Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey -- I'm in The Zone, bay-bee!

And just like that short-lived HBO series "Mind Of A Married Man," in this case you got to peek inside the "Mind of a Zentrepreneur" (pithy explanation here) as I worked to apply ResultsManager into my personal and professional lives -- warts and all.

The good, the bad and the ugly . . . and you saw it all. You were there witnessing my "best of times and the worst of (my) times" moments. And with that, I think I'll cap the literary allusions at this point.

You saw it all -- the challenges of transitioning from my established way of managing project workflow (albeit inefficient, it was functional) and shoehorning ResultsManager's best practices into the current workflow without losing anything -- time or money.

I can only hope that the areas I truly gumped were ones that won't bite me in the ass someday when prospective clients are judging my work on whether I can write for them or not.

Hopefully I won't be coming to an exit ramp near you with a sign that says, "Will Write 4 Fud."

My biggest concern was if I lose valuable time, money and productivity by using ResultsManager. That it might fail in critical areas and I wouldn't see it until it was too late and I'd paid the price.

Never happened.

So I'm casting about for a word or phrase to sum up the gestalt of my experience and feelings about Gyronix's flagship product. And watching (okay, half-watching) the end of (classic) "Planet Of The Apes" reminded me of something Charlton Heston once said.

And what he said about guns, I'll say about this product (with all due respect to Chuck) and mean every word of it: "You can take ResultsManager from me when you pry it from my cold, dead hands."

I am a Results Manager.
I've got the results (and the little N.R.M.A card) to prove it.

Nudge. Wink. Send.

P.S. - Looks like Gyronix has been so pleased with this blog that they're going to continue it, in some form. My involvement is up in the air, I mean, I did what I set out to do and now other pastures beckon. It was a fun, risky experiment and I'm happy it went well without wrecking anyone's career (most notably mine).

So there's a few more posts to come from me and next up are some great posts from ResultsManager trainer Kyle McFarlin. Be prepared. I promise you that you've never read anything like what he's going to put on the table in front of you.


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