Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ResultsManager Saves My Bacon & Makes Some Cheddar

Because I'm a beginner, I probably run Sweep & Review dashboards more often than best practices would dictate. I use the S&R as a temporary dashboard to see if anything needs to be updated (to avoid slippage), before I create a dashboard that I'll actually be working off of -- whether it be for a single day or several days.

Recently the S&R uncovered a reminder for a scheduled follow-up to a prospective client. And since there wasn't a firm deadline on it and there were no hard consequences to missing it, then it's likely I would have dismissed it favor of other, more urgent priorities and consequently weeks, maybe a month down the road I would've realized I missed the window to follow-up.

However because I was using ResultsManager, the rampant F├╝hrer of Accountability, the overdue contact came up in a dashboard. I setup a call with the VP of Marketing, who several months ago wanted me to call back mid-April for a project that she wanted me help with.
To make a long story short, FedEx just left after dropping off an overnighted deposit to begin the project that, not counting royalties, will bring in over $8,000.

I think I'm starting to like this program . Btw, it is such a thrill to get a large check couriered overnight that I'm thinking of making it a standard stipulation in my contracts. What a rush!

In previous posts I've detailed how I was using combination of MindManager's Topic Alerts, Outlook's appointment scheduler and Task Manager.

But my topic alerts in MindManager and my task alerts in Outlook were so overflowing that pretty soon it became this wall of incompletions and stuff was starting to slip through the cracks.

And this nearly-missed opportunity was buried in there.

This reminder to follow-up with the prospect (now client) and it's subsequent payoff (literally) is directly attributable to using ResultsManager. And here's what's on my mind as I read back what I wrote -- if I can produce results like this with a fledgling's grasp of the app, what else will I be able to do in six months? A year?

So in addition to making a tangible $8,000+ since I downloaded the trial of ResultsManager (and intangibly I suspect it's made me several thousand more just in productivity savings), I'm a lot more relaxed and becoming more and more stress-free.

And richer.


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