Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Doggedly Worrying The Bone Of Contexts, Categories and Areas

Taking a page from what I got out of Nick Duffill's **very helpful** recent dissection of my struggles with Contexts, Categories and Areas (see the Comment here) . . .

I think I'm going to wipe my Master Areas and Categories lists and start over.

Areas (Of Management) now only has 2 areas: Personal and Professional.

Categories will contain just projects and specific sub-projects, instead of the hodgepodge of names I had crammed in there.

Contexts have yet to completely be determined. I thought I had a clear path until I read Nick's recent comments. Now I might need to re-think that.

Right now, since I already know how the dashboards feature anything with a defined Context then I'm tending to use it as a Category as well. I like seeing tasks divided into Review, Client #1 Tasks, Client #2 Tasks, etc.

I hate to say it but the way the GTD system breaks these things down into minutia boggles my mind. And by and large, they're still doing it with paper?! Yeesh.

I'll tell you one thing that became evident in yesterday's weekly review: my life is massively out of balance. I have all of this focus on my professional life, very little on personal.

Of course that's nothing new, Kyle slapped me upside the head with it back here. Nick D. also pointed it out here.

But it's quite another thing to see for yourself, an Areas section in a dashboard that is 98% Professional.


Blogger Kyle said...

Hi Walter,

Yes 98% professional and 2% personal is a little lopsided ;). I would recommend trying to at least have 30% of your active projects in the personal realm. It's not an exact science, mind you. The key here is life balance.

Best Regards,

Kyle McFarlin

4/20/2006 02:56:00 PM  

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