Friday, April 21, 2006

Who Fed It & Who Ate It This Week*

The blog was temporarily down in the early morning hours and has now been restored. I'm still troubleshooting exactly what happened.

Blame it on Blogger. It has to be the most inept platform for producing professional results I've ever seen.

So the logical question to ask is: 'Terry, if you knew Blogger wasn't a good platform, why'd you use it?'

That's a valid question. See, the "Taming Chaos" blog was designed to be a temporary project.

At the end of its run I'd turn over the content to the Gyronix folks to do with what they will.

The easiest way to facilitate that was to put it on a blogging platform that required the least amount of start-up work and also enabled me to do a painless hand-off at the end of 28 days.

Blogger fit that bill.

Frankly, since this type of blog hadn't been done before -- I didn't know if Gyronix would let it continue, because it could have turned out to be a public relations nightmare for them. On my end, in the beginning, I had a lot of the conversations with myself that started out with: "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time . . ."

There were a lot of questions, risks and doubts about this project in the beginning, and I think that's typical for doing anything that hasn't been done before.

And I gotta say, the folks at Gyronix had a lot of guts for approving the project (I think that's because they already knew what it took me awhile to discover -- it's a pretty damned good piece of software).

I mean, realistically, I could have toasted them (and would have, too) and it would have been public too soon for them to do damage-control. They put no restrictions on me and were gracious with their time as I tried to separate out which were ResultsManager problems, which were MindManager problems, and which were my personal problems.

More often than not, it was the latter. There was one big issue that I thought was an ResultsManager problem, but it turned out to be an MindManager issue that the just-released SP1 solved.

So it made the most sense in economy of effort that I choose the path of least resistance and fastest results.

But from incidents like this you've seen and the ones you didn't see -- I've paid for that decision several times over.

I would have been much better off using a platform that allows you to create backups, that allows you to categorize the posts and allows trackbacks and permalinks.

Short version of the Life Lesson Learned: never, **ever** user Blogger for anything other than a hobby site.

But . . . "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Sorry for the inconvenience, folks.

* = Tip of the hat to Dennis Miller for the title.


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