Thursday, April 20, 2006

Driving From My Dashboard

This one from a personal project. Yes, the other 2% of my life. ;-)

As readers of this blog know, the love of my life and I have bought a house. In the run-up to the actual committment to buy it and subsequently move there, it was my job to assay the crime in the area,

Doing my due diligence, I'd contacted the local police department to get the crime stats and incident response reports for that neighborhood.

Understandably, if there was a meth lab nearby and my neighbors were pin-ups for Meth Ho's Magazine, we wouldn’t want to live there. So, that was very important to us.

Then I entered into telephone tag with the lieutenant of the Police Department (my contact who could give me this information). Unfortunately he and I have busy schedules and we kept missing each other.

Meanwhile the move date loomed closer and closer.

I kept setting deadlines using ResultsManager with a Priority 1, but because of the ongoing slippage, I had to keep changing the dates in order to keep this in my face until it got handled.

Now, what I've come to love about ResultsManager, one of the beauties of the app, is that I could make the changes to the dates in the dashboard and then at the end of the day, I could send those date changes (along with other changes) back to the original maps without opening them.

And then the next day when I ran another daily dashboard, the updated action item came up on the appropriate day of the week. Bee-yoo-ti-ful!

The harsh critics who read this blog will dismiss such statements and say that I get overly enamored over simple things, but hey, I'm a simple guy. Like Tom Peters, I appreciate elegance of design -- whether that elegance resides in form or function. I love it all.

And ResultsManager, is elegant in form and function. A two-fer.

I love that it keeps things in my face until I do something with them. As a businessman, it gives me a tremendous peace-of-mind knowing that follow-ups with clients and prospects will never got lost.

And if that's all ResultsManager did -- it would still be one hell of a piece of software. But what makes the maraschino cherry on top of this electronic dessert is that it allows you to rapidly update the original map from within the dashboard.

Think what it means to never, ever have to worry about losing track of a project sub-project, action item, or appointment ever again.

Here's a conclusion I'm rapidly drawing about the ResultsManager. Because it automates the tedium of project management so seamlessly, that as much as it is a great management tool for getting things done -- it also a tool for generating more peace of mind.


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