Sunday, April 23, 2006

T +28 . . . And Counting

For the nitpickers out there -- yes, this 28 day blog has gone over its mark a bit. I have another couple of weeks of content that could go up here, but that really depends on where Gyronix wants things to go from here.

As a special treat, in the coming week I've asked Kyle McFarlin, Gyronix's resident trainer to do some guest posts about what came up during a recent conversation.

Let me tell you, he has some radical applications . . . some broadenings of how to apply ResultsManager to your personal and professional lives, that I practically begged him to put them down in black and white and let everyone get in on the mind meld with him.

It will change the way you use ResultsManager.

Personally, I couldn’t write fast enough to capture everything he said, so I'm looking forward to him slowing his thought processes down a bit and expand on some of these themes.

I don't know if he'll get to all of them, but this was the Wishlist I gave him:

  • How RM can be used as a personal Life Balance Tool and used on a multi-billion dollar project
  • How it straddles your personal and professional worlds by the way it "goes to work with you and comes home with you"
  • How using ResultsManager keeps you operating at peak productivity
  • Using RM to "become what you want to be"
  • How applying RM is like "walking into what's next"
  • How RM keeps you in continuous execution loops

And after that, I don’t know.

For those that have asked -- I don't know what's going to become of this blog, if it will continue or even, if it does, whether or not I'll be a part of it. That's all still up in the air at the moment.

My final assessment is forthcoming so there is going to be closure on the 28 day experiment.

Overall, my biggest complaint about ResultsManager was something that I had mistakenly blamed on Gyronix. And come to find out, it was actually a MindManager problem.

I will say this, with the installation of MindManager's SP1 -- that problem disappeared and now ResultsManager (and MindManager) fly like greased lightning.

I'm writing about that next. Stay tuned.


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