Thursday, April 27, 2006

You Are Rome

Kyle McFarlin continues his series on "Conquering Your World With ResultsManager." In this post, Kyle builds on the themes he started in his first post and his second post. Here, he uses the metaphor of the greatest empire in history to show you how to become what you want to be using RM.

Take it away, Kyle:

Essentially, you are Rome, the conscious nerve center of your very own empire.

And I don't care if you're a hundredaire or a millionaire: you are your own empire that must be ruled from within or will be conquered from without.

In essence, bringing a project or area of your life into MindManager and ResultsManager is very similar to the Roman conquest of a territory. By accepting Roman authority and citizenship, your life areas are incorporated into a system that will see them tracked, enhanced and evaluated.

You will also have the ability to rule the far-flung territories of your life from the safety of Rome, your conscious nerve center. And because your life areas are now ruled from the central force you have become, they now have the resources and proper oversight to become real, allowing you to reach your highest potential.


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