Saturday, April 29, 2006

Your Loop Of Continuous Execution

Kyle McFarlin concludes his series on "Conquering Your World With ResultsManager."

You don't need to read them before reading this, but if you want to, here are his
first, second and third and fourth posts.

Take it away, Kyle:

Perhaps the greatest thing you gain by taking balanced action on Projects you deem important in your far-flung life areas is momentum. Tons of it. This cannot be overemphasized.

I know if you're in the early stages of it, you may even feel less productive than usual. Change is not easy - if it were, wouldn't everybody be doing it?

But if you can shoot your way out of hell, then think about how grand your life will be once you've gotten some momentum and generated some great results in your personal and professional areas.

Week after week, you will become faster, happier, lighter and more productive. Abraham Maslow will be grinning in his grave as you self-actualize.


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