Tuesday, May 02, 2006

World-Famous Choreographer & ResultsManager Dance Together

In Twyla Tharp's book "The Creative Habit" world-famous choreographer Twyla Tharp and I have a lot in common -- we start projects the same way.

Well, almost.

She gets a banker's box from Office Depot.

I make a MindManager map.

She doesn't feel organized until she has the box with the project name outside it.

I don't feel in control of the project until I have a map and a project name.

But here I depart in a very major way -- I use RM to start populating it with project data. Establishing the scope of the overall project, other major projects and their sub-projects along with actions items, dates.

Tharp just throws everything related to the project into the box.

She puts all project elements into her project box, and I link to all available project resources via my map -- websites, docs created in other apps, email messages -- in other words, the entire universe of that project. To read a great analogy to this mindset, see McFarlin's "You Are Rome" post.

Just like Tharp, "The simple act of writing a project name on the box means I've started work."

Yep, I understand that. My simple of act of creating a map and start assigning RM tags to it means the project is on and I'm on the clock.

I don’t feel entirely comfortable in the project until I know that when I do a Sweep and Review with ResultsManager, everything's going to be accounted for.

It's a very cool, powerful feeling. I'm in control of the project and nothing slips by me because ResultsManager catches everything.

And as you've all seen as I daily go through my breakthroughs and my screw-ups on this public stage -- ResultsManager catches everything in a merciless, good way.


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